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I have to say that 99% of the time, family sessions are booked by Mom. She does all the coordinating, from making sure pants match shirt to making sure aunts and uncles arrive on time. The moms want the beautiful portraits that they will treasure forever and I KNOW (being a mama to three rambunctious boys) how difficult getting everyone to nap, eat, potty, and keep their “picture clothes” clean JUST long enough for our session is exHAUSTing.

So. I have to give even more props to out-of-the-area (in this case out of state) moms who contact me about sessions we need to coordinate during family vacations! Tabitha is one of these amazing moms, who I happened to meet on a mom’s only facebook group via a mutual friend. When her family was visiting relatives in Riverside, CA, we met up at Fairmount Park for a session! Didn’t all the clothing coordination work out perfectly? Everyone looks wonderful without being too “matchy-matchy!”

Her two active girls have the most amazing eyes and glowing smiles, especially when I did some of my trademark embarrassing dancing to get their attention! (Let’s just say there’s a reason the camera is pointed in YOUR direction, folks! LOL)

Tabitha and her hubby also borrowed one of my Organic Bloom frames to help announce the gender and amazing name of their nearly-here baby boy! I love being included in special moments like this!

And, since we’d only known each other “electronically” before that day, we had to take a selfie to commemorate the occasion!

Thank you, Baker Family, for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!

“Thank you for traveling so far to meet up with our family! The images are great!”

These two adorable brothers reminded me so much of my three boys–rambunctious, bright-eyed, and just as charming as can be! I was so happy that they brought their little loveys with them. Your  portraits should cherish all the loved ones in your life–fuzzy, furry, or otherwise! 🙂

Little ones have such a short attention span and tiny stretch of patience, that a Petite Session (usually lasting around half an hour) is perfect for them. We can grab all the semi-posed shots that you love, with a good healthy dose of me running after them and playing games for some great candid shots too!

“You are amazing! You managed to get so many portraits in only a half-hour mini session!”

There is something amazing about photographing your friends–to document them as they get married and have a kid, and more kids…and MORE kids! Jaimie and Noah are some of my family’s closest and dearest friends.

Our kids love their kids. We love them. So it was a no-brainer and a great honor to capture their family a couple months before their first son was born! We went to one of their family’s favorite places to play and relax together: Pearblossom Park. In the last few remaining moments of sunlight, I went to great tailfeather-shaking lengths to encourage these girls to look my way and giggle! Enjoy!

When my friend Desi asked about family photos, a little idea popped in my head. I’d always wanted to try a ‘lifestyle’ session–which is a little bit about posed, formal portraits but a LOT about capturing people really LIVING together! Whether that means flying kites, painting birdhouses, or–in Chris and Desi’s case–making dinner, a ‘lifestyle’ session is meant to rise above saying “Cheese!” and delve more into the relationship within families! I was elated to hear that Chris and Desi would totally play along with my crazy idea of documenting them in their home, doing what they love to do: make dinner and spend time together on the couch!

We started with more traditional portraits on their immaculately manicured front lawn with their beloved dog, Wookie (How can I not love fellow Star Wars fans?!?). See how cute they all are together?

Couple on their lawn, posing with beloved dog

Ridiculous, I know!

Next we moved inside and started food prep for their stir fry dinner.

Veggies prepped for stir fry dinner

Is anyone else getting hungry?

Chris and Desi chopped veggies and got to cooking, then enjoyed their meal at their cool little dining bar!

Prepping, cooking, and enjoying stir fry for a lifestyle family session.

Couple cooks and eats together during family lifestyle session

Couple snuggles with their dog

Aren’t they just great sports for playing along? I think the images turned out so well! Chris and Desi even decided to hang two images in the kitchen of them cooking dinner–what a great addition to their decor!

I am totally game for more lifestyle sessions in the future, as they really mean so much more than “just” regular portraits (although every lifestyle session DOES allow time for some traditional portraits!). Please contact me with your ideas so we can brainstorm the perfect lifestyle session for you and yours!

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I am so pleased with this family photo session of the Conners! Even though we were only together for a very short time, I really enjoyed…well, making a fool out of myself in order to make these girls laugh! We met for a mini session at the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster, CA. Since this family is packing up to move out of state, we wanted a location that could really capture the desert we live in, since they’re headed to an environment much greener than Lancaster! It’s so close to moving day, I hand-delivered their prints yesterday amidst towers upon towers of U-Haul boxes!

It makes me so happy to know that this beautiful mama and three daughters will have gorgeous, current family photos to warm their new home as they settle in; and the grandparents they will leave in the Antelope Valley also have their very own prints to hold close as they adjust to these new changes!

Thank you, Kelly, for gifting the Conners such a wonderful, timeless surprise. Thank you, Conner Family, for being fun, a little crazy, and extremely photogenic!

This is a family photo session set at the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster, CA


This is a family photo session at the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster, CA

This is from a family photo session at the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster, CA. Each daughter had a special moment with their mama.

This is from a family photo session at the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster, CA. Three beautiful sisters snuggle for their portrait!