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boudoir client models a shirt and panties

What IS boudoir?

Boudoir photography is a special genre dedicated to making a woman feel fantastic about living in her own skin. I believe God made each of us beautifully in His image, but I think we all forget this when we catch a sideways glance of ourselves in the fitting room mirror. (And I will be the first to tell you how much I hate that mirror!) Boudoir photography is all about using the most flattering angles and the best lighting for your body type. It’s about capturing this moment in time when you are wiser than you used to be and younger than you’ll ever be again! It’s about celebrating your body over giggles and lace.

How do you even SAY “boudoir”?

It’s boo-dwar. It comes from the French word bouder, which means “to pout” and refers to a woman’s private dressing or sitting room.

But I’m too skinny/pudgy/tall/short/pasty/jiggly/scarred to do something like this…

Nonsense! The beauty of boudoir photography is that I capture you at your best. That means in a way that is most flattering for exactly how you are right now.

When I had my own boudoir photos taken I thought I…um…lacked the definition that I should to model for anything. Basically I felt fat and jiggly. But then I received my album and you know what? While I was still the same size/weight/height, and looked like ME…I looked FANTASTIC! My hair and makeup had been done to compliment my face. For the first time, I’d bought outfits that FIT me properly instead of trying to fit into something for the sake of wearing a certain size. My photographer made me laugh and feel totally comfortable. I wasn’t pressured into anything and could suggest my own ideas and bring my own props. She had tons ideas to make me look and feel great.

That’s my mission: To make you look and feel great about yourself. Because you should!

But I don’t have a bunch of outfits (or he doesn’t like lingerie)…

You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of lingerie for a shoot (although if you WANT to, I can offer you lots of suggestions!). Think creatively about what works best for you. Are you most comfortable in a tank top and boyshorts? Bring them! Would your man rather see you nearly nude between the sheets than in a saloon girl outfit? Bring nothing then! It really is up to you and your album will be just as sexy with no outfits or with twenty!

Are my pictures safe?

Yes, they are backed up¬†three times. I don’t share your pictures with anyone unless you say so, and you say so specifically¬†on your Client Model Release Form, which is kept with your image files.

Alright, I’m sold. How does this work?

Contact me today to schedule a complimentary consultation where you can see what your finished album will look like and you can look through previous clients’ photos. I can address any questions you might have and can refer you to several great resources for outfits and ideas.

I believe that every client who hires me is unique! You are not the same as anyone else, and therefore, your boudoir products should not be any different.

Your session fee is $295. This includes pre-session wardrobe styling and a consultation to answer all your questions, as well as a post-session design/purchasing appointment that is completely customized to your goals for the session. At the design/purchasing session, you are able to customize an album, wall art, retro image viewers (like the ViewMasters from our childhood!), and deluxe calendars.

Wall art and calendars are ready to hang, and albums are ready to give from the moment you pick it up or it arrives in the mail–lovingly wrapped and tied with a bow! No worrying about him finding it unwrapped! High-resolution digitals are also available.

Products range from $115 to $600, and most clients spend about $300 on their order.

Hair and makeup is available at my studio for only $60 and I highly recommend it to every boudoir client, whether they know how to do their hair and makeup or not!


(All prices subject to change without notice.)

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